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Hi! My name is Kodiak, but you can call me 'Kodi'

I'm a part-time van life adventure cat & a full-time entertainer :D

I was born in August of 2020 in Germany and I'm named after the Kodiak bear in Alaska, where my dad is from.

My birth mother was a pure-bread Maine Coon, and my birth father was a mystery outside cat.  I think most of my DNA probably came from him.

I started going on daily walks when I was about 3 months old and it quickly became my favorite thing about far!  At 4 months I began traveling in our self-built campervan 'Brodie' and at 7 months old I had my first international experience, flying from Germany to the family ranch in Wyoming, USA.

The more I traveled and spent time outside, the more I wanted to keep doing it!  I started to share some of my adventures on social media and in June of 2021 I had a video of myself go viral on TikTok accumulating over 18 Million views.

I made this website just to be a landing page for anyone wanting to know a bit more about me :). 

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This Website Has:

1. Links to all of my social media channels as well as descriptions of the kind of content I share on them.

2. Links to all of the products I use because so many people ask me about them, and with these links I get commissions that allow me to travel even more!

3. A place for brands to contact me.

4. A page dedicated to my family and friends' small businesses in case anyone would like to know more about my very entrepreneurial family :D.

5. An occasional story or 2 written from my perspective about my adventures in the 'Kodi Blogs' section.(Coming Soon!)

Oh...and of course a ton of cute photos of me because...well.  Because I'm cute :D.

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