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Brodie-Van for Sale in Germany


Brodie-Van has been the moving 'wheel-box' Kodi and I have called home on many occasions over the last couple years. I purchased it in 2019 and built it up to a fully-functioning (yet basic) mobile office that I have worked and lived out of with Kodi while in Europe.  Unfortunately, as it is a German car and the US protects its auto industry, we are not allowed to import Brodie-Van to the US.  Life has shifted more towards the US and South America for us, so we are no longer in Europe, but we have a couple friends taking care of it in Germany that will assist in the sale.  I am only listing Brodie-Van for sale here and not with traditional methods as I still love it and enjoy using it - but would love to pass it on to another adventure cat or dog family if the right ones find themselves here!

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Van must be picked up near Nuremberg, Germany. Video call is necessary prior to sale agreement!


-This includes all camping gear and tools I have.

- This price no longer includes free delivery as we are no longer in Europe.


- 2013 Ford Transit L2H2 (Hochdach - 'High Roof')

- 205,000 km

- Diesel Engine 92kw

- DC Electrical system built in with 3 different lights, AC Invertor, and MaxFan roof ventilator built in.

- TUV certified until April 2024 (German 'Roadworthy' certificate needed every 2 years)

- Bamboo foldable table, chairs, gas stove, cool box, portable camping cooking set, 2x mattresses,  tent, water jug, and carpentry power tools included!

- Camping & Remote Working Ready (Basic!)

- Previous owner was commercial delivering newspapers in bulk on a highway route.  Large majority of kms are highway driven and the van is in great shape.


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