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Over the last year we have received countless requests for the different products we use to optimize the experience of traveling with Kodi.  This page is a library of the products we use with our affiliate links.  Each time you purchase an item with our link, Kodi earns a commission which allows us to travel more with him and show him more of the world.  We hope that this page makes it easier for you to have a similar experience with your own cat that we have with Kodi.  Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy these products as much as we have!

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Products I Use

GPS Tracker: Discount Code - KodisDiscount2021

While on the road it's easy to keep Kodi happy, but when at home even walking him 2-4 hours daily is never enough. Tractive has been a great solution for giving him the outside time he needs while giving his parents the peace of mind we need :).  Tractive has given us a custom link for Kodi's followers.  Apply the code KodisDiscount2021 at checkout and receive a 20% discount!


Of all the things we use, Kodi's backpack may be the best thing we have to help us go on adventures.  Cats cant walk as much or as fast as dogs and the backpack really helps give Kodi a rest, or if we need to get somewhere a little faster than his pace.

Travel Bag

When it comes to plane travel, this is the best bag we found.  It is airport regulation size, but once you stop moving around, the sides all expand out giving Kodi as much room as possible during his travels.

Travel Litter Box

This foldable litter box is absolutely critical for plane travel. With quick stops in airport bathroom stalls or the airplane lavatory, Kodi recognizes his litter box anywhere and knows what to do. We use it in the van as well as at home and it's made things much easier.

Plaid Hoodie

Kodi sometimes visits grandma and grandpa on the family ranch in Wyoming during the winters. With the wind and lower temperatures this hoodie keeps him warm and able to stay outside its just incredibly cute :D

Catnip-Filled Mice

Travel-friendly and always a good time, these catnip-filled mice are by far Kodi's favorite toy.  We always have one in his travel bag, and we have countless others spread all over the house and under the couches. Gotta love a fake mouse-filled home :D.

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