Kodiak The Card Game

Now Available Worldwide

I've had quite the effect on my family, and hooman-crew since I arrived on the scene. After my first summer of traveling I inspired them to start a card, board game, and garden game company!  They've been working hard to develop their first card deck called Cambio Unlimited: a 76-card deck with a growing library of game modes (Including My Game!). Their Goal is to create a new and better alternative to the classic 52-card deck with Newly Invented game modes all playable with the same deck frequently being released on their website (cambiounlimited.com).


Kodiak The Card Game 'Illust-ructions': https://www.cambiounlimited.com/kodiak-the-card-game

Buy the Deck on Amazon (US Customers): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09THK2ZQZ

Buy the Deck on our Website (Rest of World): https://www.cambiounlimited.com/product-page/cambio-unlimited-76-card-deck-with-multiple-game-modes